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Hoboken’s Hometown Dog Walking Service

What is Fun at The Run?

Fun at The Run is the brainchild of Celeste Branda, native of Hoboken, New Jersey, and beloved friend to animals of all kinds, especially dogs. When you bring your dog or dogs to Fun at The Run, you’re signing them up for pure fun and healthful exercise. You see, Celeste is a professional dog walker.

Fear not; she’s not one of those junior high kids who wears out after a fifteen minute slog down a city sidewalk. No, Celeste is a track and field star who loves to run just for herself, so when she has a pack of dogs with her? She will walk, jog, or run with them for up to five miles roundtrip.

She carries portable water in her backpack, treats, and offers plenty of breaks for your pets. If your dog has special needs or requires a specific distance or pace, just say the word. Celeste is fully prepared to tailor a dog walking plan specifically to your pets’ needs.

Fun at The Run’s Services

Celeste prefers for her furry clients to be dropped off and picked up, but she can accommodate needs for pet transport. Once in her care, Celeste will make sure your dogs are handled exactly how she would care for her own, with great care and consideration. Water levels are monitored closely and dietary restrictions are adhered to. There are dog treats for behavioral modification and training, as needed, and as rewards for good behavior after running and playing.

Celeste also offers a bonus service that is practically unheard of among dog walkers. Do you hate when your pooch returns from a run stinking of sweat and the saliva of other dogs? Fun at The Run can end the run with a nice bath and a mild shampooing of your dog. Just say the word!

If your pooches can’t handle a long jog or run, Celeste can take them to any of the local dog parks sprinkled around Hoboken. Her three favorite parks are at Church Square Park, Stevens Park, and especially Pier C Park. In fact, she always ends the shorter walks and jogs with a special trip out to Pier C. She and the dogs always have a blast in the pet play areas and promenade, right in view of New York City.

What Now?

Oh, well that’s easy! Now you should go ahead and get in touch with Celeste. She’s currently accepting new clients for Fun at The Run and would love to chat with you about your furry friends’ needs! If you’re a writer or business owner, she’s also looking for guest writers and offering to toss your link up among our resources (don’t worry – there’s no catch).