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About FATR

Welcome to Fun at the Run! I’m the host around here and resident dog walker. The name’s Celeste Branda, and I’m a proud native of Hoboken, New Jersey. I’ll also answer to Cels or Celsie, holdover nicknames from childhood.

I got my start as a dog walker back in college. When I began college, I rented an apartment for me and my pooch, Joaquin. (I’ll give you one guess as to whom my celebrity crush is!) It quickly became apparent that Joaquin missed the big backyard that we both grew up in. As I tried to think of ways to get his exercise in while juggling my heavy course load and part-time job, it hit me. See, I got up super early every morning to take myself for a run. I’ve been on track and field teams since elementary, but it never occurred to me to take Joaquin with me. Imagine my surprise to find that he absolutely loved it! I always thought that dogs preferred playtime to the rigors of exercise. Boy, was I wrong. Joaquin is a natural runner, and now he has become my alarm clock, waking me for our morning run every day.

It wasn’t long before passersby or onlookers started asking if I’d allow their dogs to join in on our runs, thus the birth of Fun at the Run! If you would like to discuss schedules and pricing options for me to walk your dog, email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m done with the day’s walk and run!