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Dog Guest Writers

If you’ve read about me over here, then you know I spend a great deal of my time walking and running not only my own dog, but also the dogs of my friends, family, and clients. That’s right, I’m Celeste Branda, a full-time dog walker in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I hold dogs, and cats (shhh, don’t tell Joaquin), so dear to my heart. When I’m not walking, running, playing, and cuddling with them, I’m focused on learning more about them. You know, canine health, nutrition, training, and the list goes on and on.

So that’s why I need you, fellow pooch parents, dog lovers, and entrepreneurs. I hope that you love dogs as much as I do, and if so, I further hope that you will consider being a guest writer for me. If you have a business – or heck, just a vested interest – about dogs, please contact me so we can talk about content you could add to the site. You’ll help us all learn more about our four-legged friends and get plenty of promotion for your site in the process.