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Exercising Your Dog

Fun at The Run is a popular and growing dog walking business. Dog walker extraordinaire, Celeste Branda, is a self-proclaimed fitness junky. That goes for her own health and fitness as well as for our furry canine companions! No matter how busy and stressful our lives get, we must always look out for our pets’ health and fitness.

Walkin’ the Dog

Celeste is a huge fan of keeping it simple. Dog exercise can be as simple as a nice stroll in the park or a jog on the beach. Here in Hoboken, there are ample places and great weather to do just that on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to leash your companion and go for a walk, bring him in to Fun at The Run. Your dog, or dogs, will get all of the healthful exercise he can get. It’s absolutely vital to our pets’ health to get proper exercise.

Let Celeste know ahead of time if your dog is trained to go off leash. She’ll take him to a low traffic area and allow him to run free. Even if you have one dog that can go off leash and another that cannot, Fun at The Run is ready and able to accommodate both.

Formal Exercise

Sometimes, canine health problems are inevitable. No matter how well we care for our dogs, they can still develop health problems related to genetic conditions or accidents. For that reason, or others, your vet may prescribe a formal exercise regimen. Some people make exercise a group activity, working out with their dogs.

If your four legged best friend suffers from a nervous disorder or even social anxiety, sometimes taking them out for public walking among other dogs and humans can cause serious setbacks in their recovery. To that end, Fun at The Run has a special exercise area in her home, complete with canine exercise equipment like the dog treadmills you can find at

Feedback Time

Celeste welcomes feedback from fellow dog lovers and canine business owners. If you have exercise tips or questions for how to improve upon canine fitness, please get in touch. Fun at The Run values your input and looks forward to hearing from you. Also keep in mind that we’re on the lookout for guest writers and site owners who would like to feature their links!